DiamondStrategy X Margin TradingView Script

The Best Script for the Crypto Trader

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Best Script so far. Works unbelievably well for BITCOIN/USD 1 Hour Chart. Makes lots of
profit on Bitmex and other margin Exchanges. Also Comes with the DiamondStrategy X
Alerts Script for this one.

About the?DiamondStrategy X Script

After lots of stressful, but successful trading, our team decided to create an algorithm, or
script/strategy if you want to call it that, that would basically do all the work for us. We just
needed to code in our strategy and then just wait until the Strategy told us to buy/sell. Our
Algorithm works very greatly with trading BITCOIN with USD. It works on coins that have lost of
volume and are not manipulated strongly. Even though we all know bitcoin is manipulated, our
Algorithm catches the trend before a big dump or long, and we will show you how it enters, and
which timeframe it works best on throughout the whitepaper.

How it Works:? ?

Our Teams Algorithm repeats itself and gives Long/Short Signals forever.
Long means ?Buy? and Short means ?Downtrend? in margin trading you should enter a
?Short? position which basically trades against the crypto. However if you plan on just trading on
normal exchanges, when you see the ?Short? sign on the chart, prepare for a downtrend that
could come. Our Script is pretty simple, yet extremely effective and useful in trading. Our top
Traders that usually trade themselves find it very useful as it helps them identify a trend. We
highly recommend this Script for any trader, novice, or veteran.


As you can see, the Script is highly accurate. Its highly accurate. Here it has not failed once, but
on average, it has a success of 95%.
The Trade is considered a success on BTC if it moves up at least 100$ on a long, and 100$ down
on a short. We have had made this script so successful that over 95% of the time it at least moves
100$ on a trade. Which is great, because this script is meant to be used in Margin Trading, so
even just a 100$ move can be 10-100% profit depending on your leverage that you use.

How to Add Alerts

Of Course, this Algorithm with Alerts would be great and much better than
just looking at the Chart waiting for a long/short signal. We have made
alerts, and they are very easy to be set-up. Once you buy the Script, we will
give you the Alerts Script. It lets TradingView setup alerts so whenever it
says long, it will send you an email, or SMS. TradingView deals with the
Alerts, and the alerts script just makes it possible for alerts to be made for
Strategies. The Alerts Script is completely free with your purchase of the
DiamondStrategy X Edition. It is the Latest Version.

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