How To Keep Your Bitcoin Safe

Ledger Nano S

A Beginner?s Guide to get Cryptocurrencies and Keep Them Safe:

Approximately 533 Million USD of cryptocurrencies has been recently purloined from the web exchange ?Coincheck?, and alternative hacker attacks turn up each day: it?s in all probability a decent plan to stay your Bitcoin safe. this text explains however you’ll be able to do therefore in four easy steps.

Get a ?hard wallet?:

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may be unbroken in ?wallets?, most of that square measure computer code applications running on your laptop or which will be accessed via the net. to regulate and pay your Bitcoin (or the other cryptocurrency) billfold applications keep a protracted string of characters known as ?private key? (you will see it as a really long password) hold on either on your laptop or in an internet server. each these choices aren’t safe as hackers will take hold of net servers or install malware on your laptop and ?steal? your Bitcoin.

The safest possibility is to stay your personal keys faraway from the net, so hackers cannot steal them. For this reason many firms developed usb-key-like wallets that enable you to store your Bitcoin offline and shield them with robust secret writing and a PIN code (so known as ?hardware wallets? or simply ?hard wallets?). If you’re wondering getting cryptocurrencies, i might powerfully suggest to stay them safe during a ?hard wallet?.

Two of the foremost proverbial onerous wallets offered square measure the Ledger Nano S and Trezor, you’ll be able to get one here:

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Ledger Nano S



Transfer your Bitcoin to your hard wallet:

In order to transfer your Bitcoin from an exchange to your hard wallet you only need two things: the correct address of your hard wallet and the withdrawal function of your exchange. In this article I will cover the transfer process from your exchange to Ledger Wallet, please write a comment if you?d like me to cover the same process for other hard wallets or exchanges.

After the initial setup of your Ledger Wallet follow these steps to obtain the correct address:
1. Connect your Ledger Wallet to your computer
2. Enter your PIN code
3. Open the Bitcoin application on your Ledger Wallet
4. Launch the Ledger Bitcoin browser extension on your computer
5. Click on ?Receive?, a popup window opens
6. Copy the ?Bitcoin address? which is displayed

Now you need to open your exchange website or application and send the purchased Bitcoin to your Ledger Wallet address.

If you followed the process correctly your Bitcoins are now being transferred to your Ledger Wallet, you should see a ?pending? transaction on your Binance account that should be processed within 10-20 minutes max.

You can check the balance of your Ledger Wallet via its application or directly on the blockchain by looking for the Bitcoin address of your Ledger Wallet on

Make sure to pay attention when you copy-paste your hard wallet address to Coinbase to make the transfer, if you mistype the address or you change a single character you can lose the whole transfer amount.

Keep it?safe:

Once you transferred your Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) to your hardware wallet remember to keep it safe, including the 24 words recovery passphrase that would allow you to access your funds in case you forget your PIN or lose your hard wallet. Now that you have your private keys under your control it would be very hard for someone to steal them, however be careful because should you lose them, there is no one that could help you to recover your Bitcoins.

If you’re serious concerning your cryptocurrency investment, then you wish to require security seriously as a result of there square measure numerous completely different scams, phishing websites, malware, hacking tries and alternative villainous means individuals will attempt to benefit of weak security and steal your hard-earned funds. Sadly, thanks to the character of this cryptocurrency setting this is often one thing we’ve got to affect on a routine.

People getting into the cryptocurrency world for the primary time can little doubt be inundated with the technicalities that go along with such associate degree investment. Crypto is superb because it puts your finances in your own hands while not having to suppose third-parties like this industry. By taking management over your cash, this conjointly means that tacking care of your own security, and with no banks to shield you, you want to search out the simplest ways for safe storage of your funds.

Luckily we’ve got some wonderful devices known as ?Hardware Wallets? that are engineered to produce the best layer of protection that we have a tendency to presently have accessible.