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What’s new in Gunbot v11

New in Gunbot v11 Here’s a quick overview of the most important changes introduced with Gunbot v11 Upgrading Download the update and unpack it to a new folder, copy the?config.js?and?gunbotgui.db?files from your previous v10 installation into the new folder to keep your settings. In case you used https for the v10 gui, also make sure […]

Virtual Private Server (VPS) for Gunbot

Why would you get a Virtual Private Server ? Always Online ? 24/7 No?electricity costs, no internet costs No hardware to maintain, to fix or to replace Cheap solutions for powerful machines Fast Install / Reinstall the operating system from a Web GUI, with a click of a button ? no input needed Backups For […]



It is an auto crypto dealer in reality, yet it is a sensible one. Gunbot does not guarantee anything that is too great to be in any way genuine, and whatever about its pitch is as bona fide is it can be. The fundamental Gunbot site makes it to a great degree clear that Gunbot […]

Indications of centralization in the Ethereum blockchain which should be simply decentralized

Blockchain and decentralization have moved toward becoming equivalent words in the cryptographic money industry. The utilization of blockchain innovation made it conceivable to make a system where all clients are equivalent, and data is conveyed over an incalculable number of PCs on the planet. Decentralization has picked up a specific incentive for banks and other […]


Easy Automated Trading of CryptoCurrencies MANAGE YOUR BOTS Zeno GUI Control your setup with ease on any device. Start / stop with the click of a button. TRACK YOUR BOTS Follow the output of your bot and Information automatically gets extracted. ?INTERACTIVE CHARTS Features candlestick chart and a barchart showing your profit over time. ?ONGOING […]

Gunbot Installation Guide (update 2018)

See for yourself how easy it is to setup Gunbot. Within five minutes you’re done and will have Gunbot trading automatically for you.?Gunbot is an easy to use, advanced crypto trading bot. You define your trading strategy and watch Gunbot do the trading for you. Enabling you to get up to hundreds of profitable trades […]

Advanced Gunbot usage

Advanced Gunbot usage Such tools will usually either interact with Gunbot over websockets, or by providing a config.js for Gunbot to load. When config.js is being overwritten, Gunbot will automatically pick up the changes, without restarting Gunbot manually. You can also run multiple instances of Gunbot on the same machine. Automation of running Gunbot instances […]