TradingView Addon for Gunbot ? How to Use

Here is how the TradingView Addon works :

1. Create BUY & SELL Price Alerts in your Trading View Account
2. TradingView will Email the Buy & Sell Alerts
3. Gunbot reads the email (set email settings over the config) and gets the BUY & SELL Alerts
4. Gunbot executes the BUYs and SELLs from the Alerts.

How to setup Trading View BUY & SELL Alerts

1. Open a?TradingView chart?for your coin-pair & market .
2. Set the?Indicators (link in the top)?on your Chart, for example set 2 sma indicators:?SMA5?and?SMA10
3. To set an Alert, in your Chart, top right you will see the?Alerts Icon?? click on that and a pop-up will appear .
4. We will set a?BUY Alert?when the?SMA5?and?SMA10?lines?cross?in a?Up Trend?. Set the frequency at once per Candle Stick.
5. In the?Alert Popup, set the EMAIL alert active with the following code :


The Format for a buy order is : BUY_MARKET_COIN-PAIR

6. The same logic applies when setting up a?SELL Alert, with the difference that the indicators should reflect your needs and the?SELL Alert code?would be 😕SELL_BITTREX_BTC-NEO

More details on how to set and manage TradingView alerts :

The minimum requirements to run this addon are :?a Gunbot 5 version or above and a paid TradingView account .

Join TradingView here 😕TradingView [ GO PRO ? 30 Days FREE Trial ]

With a Pro TradingView?Account you can Create 10 Server Side Alerts / 5 x ( BUY and SELL alerts )
With a Pro+ TradingView Account?you can Create 30 Server Side Alerts / 15 x ( BUY and SELL alerts )
With a Premium TradingView Account?you can Create 100 Server Side Alerts / 50 x ( BUY and SELL alerts )

TradingView accepts Bitcoin Payments !

TradingView Configuration Notes

All the configuration settings, the?Email Imap Listener settings?and the?TradingView settings?can be set in?config.js?from your?Gunbot 5?folder .

?TV_GAIN?: 0.6,?// minimum gain when using the TradingView plugin TV_PROTECTION
?TV_TRADING_LIMIT_BUY?: 0.001,??// the trading limit for the TradingView generated buy
?TV_PYRAMID?: false,?//there are some strategies that need a btc trading limit in buy different from btc trading limit to sell
?TV_TRADING_LIMIT_SELL?: 0.001,??// the trading limit for the TradingView generated sell.?limit to sell is expressed in quote currency not in BTC .
?TV_PROTECTION?: true,?// activate the minimum TV_GAIN setting

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