Tutorial on how to create your Binance key for the portfolio

On the off chance that you are a Binance merchant, you may have a requirement for recording the portfolio about your exchanges and track your benefit or resources change. This article is about how to utilize the API key of Binance to auto deal with your portfolio.

What is an API key?

The API Key is for auto exchanging or auto-following the information from your Binance account. With the programming interface, you don’t have to give your record name and secret key to others to protect your benefits.

How to produce the API key?

  1. Log in to Binance (www.binance.com), tap the record symbol at the upper right corner and afterward click “Record”
  2. Find and click “Programming interface Setting” at the base left corner and after that snap API director
  3. Input a label name which can enable you to recollect which API key is this for, for instance, “For BitUniverse”.
  4. Binance will request that you complete the 2-step validate with an SMS Present the code and after that, you’ll get the API Key.

How to utilize the API Key?

Presently you can import your portfolio to the applications now.

Tap the top zone, pick Binance and after that reorder your programming interface key and password into our application. At that point, the outline and information are consequently filled!

Where to download?

The Android version: Binance?App

The iOS variant: Still being developed

For better understanding

To understand the downloading of API key better, watch the following link:

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