Virtual Private Server (VPS) for Gunbot

Why would you get a Virtual Private Server ?

  1. Always Online ? 24/7
  2. No?electricity costs, no internet costs
  3. No hardware to maintain, to fix or to replace
  4. Cheap solutions for powerful machines
  5. Fast Install / Reinstall the operating system from a Web GUI, with a click of a button ? no input needed
  6. Backups

For all of you guys that are 100% non-tech, this is a very easy guide on how to get?your own Virtual Desktop?without the need of ever installing the operating system or needing any server administrator skills .


Top 11 Best Cheap VPS Providers 2018:

  1. RouterHosting
  2. Hostwinds – Gunthy Suggest
  3. Virmach – Very cheap
  4. Vultr – My suggest
  5. InterServer
  6. StableHost
  7. DreamHost
  8. RoseHosting
  9. HostGator
  10. HawkHost
  11. Hostinger

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